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What is Physiotherapy?

At its core, physiotherapy is about helping you get back to moving freely, functioning normally and living without pain!

By listening to your story and understanding what’s happening in your body, we’re able to assess what’s going on for you. The way you’re moving, any previous injuries and your posture (especially at work) could all be contributing to the pain or stiffness you’re currently experiencing.

Once we’ve identified the root cause of the problem, your treatment plan will involve a combination of hands-on manual therapy techniques to encourage better movement, a tailored exercise program designed specifically for you, helpful advice to help you reach your goals and, most importantly, the full support of your physiotherapist all the way.

Who is it for?

Many of us are living with aches and pains that stop our body from moving the way it’s meant to – and stop us from doing the things we love.

Maybe it’s been this way for so long you’ve just learnt to live with it. You’ve given up some of the activities you love. Running around with your kids, or grandkids, is no longer possible and enjoying the exercise and sport that used to keep you physically and mentally fit is just not an option anymore.

That’s miserable, and it shouldn’t be that way! We truly believe that no-one should have to put up with pain and stiffness that stops them from doing the things they love.

Whether you have back pain, neck or shoulder pain, hip or knee pain or pain of any description – physiotherapy can help!

What can Physiotherapy treat?

Anyone suffering from pain, restricted movement or an inability to do the things they love can benefit from physiotherapy.

Whether you’re recovering from surgery, injured yourself playing sport, or just playing in the garden, or have started developing aches and pains from working at home on your laptop, physiotherapy can help.

Our highly-skilled therapists treat a wide range of conditions, including:

Lower back pain and sciatica

Pelvic girdle pain

Posture and work-related pain

Ante and post-natal wellbeing

Neck pain

Shoulder pain

Rehabilitation following surgery

Sporting and running injuries

Headaches and migraine

Foot and ankle pain

Arthritic joint pain

Tendinopathy and tendonosis

What is the process?


Your initial consultation will last 60 minutes, plenty of time for your physiotherapist to carry out a full assessment. They will listen to your story about the problem you’re experiencing, how it’s affecting you and what your health and wellbeing goals are.

They will also carry out a physical assessment, looking at how you move and performing any specific manual therapy tests that will help them assess the problem.


Next your physiotherapist will recommend a highly tailored treatment plan, consisting of both face-to-face consultations and a home exercise program.

Consultations can vary in length, depending on your problem, but routinely last between 30-60 minutes. Our patients usually visit us on average 6-8 times for any one particular problem, and don’t need to return for endless sessions or maintenance.


Our focus at Vanbrugh Physio is to empower you to take charge of your body with a home exercise and fitness routine that works for you and your lifestyle. Your physiotherapist will discuss everything with you, as you plan your treatment program together.

In most cases, you can be back doing the things you love in just a few weeks (for less than £500), safe in the knowledge that we are here to support you every step of the way.

How much does Physiotherapy cost?



1/2 hr consultation

Initial Consultation


1 hr consultation

Extended Routine


1 hr consultation

For more information on what will happen at your first appointment, and how you can arrive prepared to get the most out of it, download our free resource here:

5 Things Your Physio Should Do On Your First Appointment

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