What is Personal Training?

Personal training is pretty much what it says on the tin – a structured exercise and training program designed specifically for you. Your Personal Trainer will not only provide you with a tailored workout plan, they are also there you to support and encourage you to succeed in achieving your training goals. Whether that be to get stronger and fitter, to lose weight or perhaps you just want to exercise in a supportive and safe environment.

You will be guided through each session on a one-to one basis, ensuring you are using the correct technique and pushing you that little bit harder when you might otherwise stop. Most people are also surprised to hear that it’s not all about lifting heavy weights either. Some of the exercises our Personal Trainers use are body weight driven meaning its accessible to everyone.

Imagine, your very own coach wiping away all the barriers standing in the way of your success in helping you finally achieve your health and fitness goals.

Who is it for?

It makes sense that anyone can benefit from Personal Training, but there are certain times where we really need the extra support. Are you finding it hard to stick to an exercise plan? Are you feeling frustrated due to a lack of progress? Are you new to exercise and want a professional to help you get started? Or do you simply find it difficult to motivate yourself to do exercise?

Whether you are following a rehabilitation program or you are preparing for a sporting event, or anything in between, and you resonate with any of these questions – then Personal Training is for you.

What does Personal Training involve?

Most of us have heard of Personal Training before but might not exactly be clear on what it involves. Even though Personal Trainers work with a broad spectrum of people who have different needs and goals, there is a structured process to it.

At the beginning of your journey, your Personal Trainer will get to know you and discuss your goals with you, plus carry out some fitness tests and/or measurements depending on what you wish to achieve. This is an important step in order to be able track progress later on.

Then a personal exercise plan will be designed for you based on the previous information, which will show a steady progression to your end goal. After that, all you need to do is to show up in your training gear ready to exercise.

Benefits of having your own Personal Trainer are:

There are generally two aspects to consider when looking at the benefits of Personal Training; one is the benefit of having your own Personal Exercise Coach and the other one is the tangible outcomes of the sessions. The latter will vary depending on what elements of fitness you wish to develop.

The benefits of having your own Personal Trainer are:

Provides accountability
Provides variety in the workouts
Increases motivation
Makes exercising fun
Is educational
Helps you stay injury free

Benefits of Personal Training:

Improves cardiovascular fitness
Improves strength & muscle tone
Improves sporting performance
Improves muscular endurance
Improves flexibility
Promotes weight loss
Improves speed and/or agility
Improves balance and coordination

How much does Personal Training cost?

Single session


1x 60-minute

Introductory offer


2x 60-minute


£75 per session

5 or 10x 60 min

Important note

In some cases you may require Physiotherapist, GP or Specialist permission to access our Personal Training services. Our team will be able to help you identify if this is necessary.

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