Sophie Hussein

Massage / Soft Tissue Therapist

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ITEC Diploma – Deep Tissue massage

ITEC Diploma- Indian Head massage

ITEC Diploma- Thai Foot massage

Level 3 VTCT Massage Therapy

VTCT Pregnancy Massage

ITEC Diploma Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Favourite Things to Treat:


Upper and Lower Back


“I first went to Sophie around 2 years ago, I had heard through a friend that she was really good. I suffer with fibromyalgia and arthritis and can be in considerable amounts of pain.
On my first meeting with Sophie, I explained my problems and my most troublesome areas (back, shoulder and legs) Sophie explained that she would work slowly and gently on these areas, she was super informative and sensitive to my condition, I have had numerous massages done by Sophie each time leaving me feeling such relief and able to move muscles that are normally so sore and tight. I could not recommend Sophie enough, she is caring, understanding and amazing at what she does.”

Suzie, Greenwich


I joined the Vanbrugh Physio team in 2022. I have been a massage therapist since 2015. I began my training in beauty therapy but took a real interest in the anatomy of the body and how stress and pain can impact the musculoskeletal system, which lead me to train in different massage techniques, and I have not looked back since.

In 2020 my wonderful Nan had a stroke, resulting in her losing the feeling on her right side and she unfortunately remained in a hospital bed until the end. I would spend hours working on my Nan’s legs and feet using a mixture of soft tissue techniques. I would see my Nan’s eyes come alive again while doing this, for a moment she was not in that tunnel she seemed to be in, and her eyes were smiling back at me. Knowing that my massage techniques relaxed my nan and made her feel more comfortable and at ease will forever stay with me and has made me love my job even more. I know now what a difference I can make to people’s lives.

I have a passion for what I do and I enjoy building relationships and connecting with people and being involved in helping them with their health & well-being goals. I’m so excited to work at Vanbrugh Physio alongside an amazing team.

An interesting fact about you no one would know (until now):
I’m half Turkish and have an Irish and Welsh background. I did musical theatre and was in a Bollywood film.
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