Sharron Sequeira

Senior Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist

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Grad Dip Physio, Guys Hospital 1992


Health & Care Professions Council

Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

Specialist Skills:

Manual Therapy

Maitland Mobilisation

Mulligan Joint Mobilisation

Favourite Things to Treat:



Sharron treated me following a back injury earlier this year and was absolutely fantastic throughout the process. What stood out for me was her reassurance that I would make a full recovery (which I now have). Sharron made the sessions enjoyable with a few laughs and took my mind off the pain; as well as educating me around things I could do to prevent future injuries. I would highly recommend her care and am so grateful that I decided to book in with her straight away after I was injured. Thank you Sharron!


Hi I’m Sharron & I became interested in Physiotherapy after my grandfather had a stroke when I was a child. I wanted to hold his hand which had become clenched due to spasticity. I remember prising his fingers open and asking my father why his hand was like that and learning to stretch out his fingers. My grandfather had a community physiotherapist come to the house for over a year as he learnt to walk again. This was how I first learnt of the profession.

As a teenager, my curiosity led me to do work experience at a private physio clinic over the summer holidays. I was not only fascinated by the many different conditions patients presented with and the treatment they were given, I was also inspired by the way physiotherapy helped people rid themselves of their pain & return to doing the things they loved.

I was fortunate to train at Guys Hospital in London, and have been a physio now for over 26 years.

I worked initially in London for ten years, primarily at Chelsea & Westminster Hospital. From there I developed an interest in young adults suffering with poor mental health. I was keen to link the physical and mental wellbeing of my patients, so important when treating each person as a whole and not just the painful bit.

I then married and moved to Malawi In Sub Saharan Africa, where I had four children and ran my own private musculoskeletal clinic for over 15 years, doing pro bono work for local people and helping teach resident physiotherapists.

I have now returned to London to continue my career and be closer to my now grown-up children. I’m really enjoying being part of the Vanbrugh team and their dynamic fresh approach to physiotherapy.

An interesting fact about you no one would know (until now):

I have treated quite a few famous people over the years.
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