Sebastian Kasprzyk

Massage / Soft Tissue Therapist

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ITEC Diploma – Deep Tissue Massage

Level 3 VTCT Massage Therapy

ITEC Diploma Swedish Massage

Favourite Things to Treat:


Calves and Hamstrings


“I am a waitress, and because of my profession I suffer from shoulders and lower back pain. After monthly massages and seeing several specialists, I lost the hope that someone would be able to help me. I decided to give a last try and I chose Sebastian for it as he was recommended to me by my colleagues. From the very beginning Sebastian was very professional and he listened to me carefully. I tried to explain what my problem was, but I couldn’t pinpoint the exact parts of my body that were affected as the pain was radiating. Sebastian found exactly these points with no problem, and with various tactics he first released the tension from the muscles, and then he got rid of the problematic pain completely. Sebastian also explained to me what I should do to avoid these kinds of problems, and gave me some exercises to do at home in case of feeling tense muscles. Despite the fact that I don’t have pain anymore, I decided to come back to Sebastian regularly to avoid recurrence of pain. I recommend Sebastian to all my friends, he deserves it 100%.”

Martyna, Chiswick


I have been at the Vanbrugh Physio clinic since 2022. I started my journey to becoming a massage therapist in 2020, but my love for massage started a lot earlier than that. As a qualified chef I have been working in the kitchen for 12 years and have met some wonderful people along the way. After many years working as a chef, I was starting to feel burned out in my profession and was wondering what else I could do in my life that would make me happy. And my answer was obvious – to become a Massage Therapist!

As soon as I started my education, I realised how amazing this profession is. All this knowledge about how to look after your body – how to have better sleep, less stress and prevent injury – is something everyone should know and have access to.
It has been a big career change for me, but to be honest, because massage has been a part of my life for so long, it somehow feels like I have done it forever. So here I am, a qualified Massage Therapist, with lots of passion, full of good energy and ready to share my knowledge and skill. I love to meet new people and make their lives better by bringing a bit of sunshine through my hands.

An interesting fact about you no one would know (until now):
I was a singer in church as a kid and every time I eat a raw onion, I get a headache after a few minutes.
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