Vanbrugh Physiotherapy Limited – Privacy Statement (Company No. 03913180, England UK)


This privacy policy outlines how we handle, process and look after your personal data and information; as responsible use and protection of your personal data and medical information is of utmost importance to us.

To comply with relevant UK legislation and for the purpose of identifying you correctly, we need to ask you for some of your personal data (ie. your name, address, date of birth, telephone & email) and possibly your medical history. We gather this information from you at the time of booking, at your initial appointment and during your course of treatment with us. We ask you to verify the personal data you have supplied to us is correct and to give your consent to treatment, prior to the commencement of your treatment.

Physiotherapy and massage therapists have a professional and legal obligation to keep an accurate record of their interactions with patients. We are required to securely keep these records for at least 8 years. In most circumstances we securely retain a copy of your medical records and personal data indefinitely.

The concise overview of our Privacy Statement

  1. To comply with UK law, we must gather and record some of your personal data and medical related interactions with us and we are required to securely handle and protect your personal data.
  2. We do not share your personal data with external parties.
  3. You decide what information you receive from us and by what method. You can change how and why we contact you.
  4. We use a respected UK based technology platform to manage our appointment diary and store your personal data, billing and medical records.
  5. If you use insurance, your insurer may require us to provide some information to them relating to your diagnosis, treatment, appointments and billing.
  6. We reserve the right to contact you in cases of; appointment changes, insurance claims, billing / payment related issues.

More detailed information relating to our Privacy Statement

We do not share your personal data or medical information with any external parties that may use that information for unsolicited marketing purposes, research or customer profiling.

For our internal clinical administration, we use a secure UK based electronic booking and records platform, Private Practice Software (PPS), provided through Rushcliff Ltd. PPS is used by over 10,000 medical practitioners to securely manage their clinical administration. Rushcliff Ltd privacy statement and policy are available at

If you are using medical insurance; information that relates to your identity, your insurance coverage, your medical history, your diagnosis and treatment with us, appointments and billing may be shared between us and your insurance company.

Medical records are private. We require your direct approval before we would provide a copy of your medical records to any external party.

We engage multiple therapists at our Clinics. From time to time your diagnosis and treatment history may be shared internally between therapists for the purposes of review, professional advice, treatment and professional development. Unless it is required, this would not include your personal data (ie, your name).

For your convenience, we can send you appointment confirmations and reminders by email and or text. Unless you notify us otherwise we may also post / email treatment or health related information, special offers or features to you.

You decide what information you receive from us and by what method. You can change how and why we contact you. You are also entitled to; request a copy of your personal data we hold, that we rectify any errors in the personal data and with limitations to request that some of that data be deleted. To check what contact preferences and personal data we have for you or to change contact preferences or data, please email or call 0208 293 5484.

Links to other Websites and Companies

This Privacy Statement relates to our website and our company only. Any links or references to other websites or companies from our website will not be covered by this Statement.

Changes to our Privacy Statement

Our company will review and adapt our privacy statement from time to time, with the view of keeping up to date with legal and ethical requirements and best practice. Updates will be posted to our website as they occur.

For more information on your privacy and requirements relating to data processing, please contact the UK Information Commissions Office via there website:

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