Why we’re different

Our approach is different from many other physio clinics. Which is why:

We regularly get patients with complex conditions referred to us
Many of our patients have experienced life-changing outcomes, often after years of trying other treatments and therapies
We get results other practitioners and therapists fail to get

So, what are we doing that’s different?

At the heart of everything we do is a groundbreaking approach called ConnectTherapy™.

Everything in your body is connected


Everything in your body is connected and everything that has happened to you in the past influences how you move and feel today.

Pain is a powerful message from the body that something is wrong. It’s by using the principles of a groundbreaking approach called ConnectTherapy that we’re able to take a whole-body approach, understand the relevant connections and get to the true root cause of your problem.

That old ankle sprain that “sorted itself out” may be affecting the way you bend & move today and putting strain on your lower back. Or the enormous stress that was placed on your pelvis and core muscles during your pregnancy a few years ago, perhaps causing the shoulder and neck pain you are now experiencing on a daily basis.

ConnectTherapy™ enables us to find and treat the root of your problem – so that you can enjoy permanent relief from the pain, move better and achieve things you never thought possible.

ConnectTherapy™ is the brainchild of Dr Linda-Joy Lee from Dr Linda-Joy Lee International, based in Vancouver, Canada.

All of our physios have been trained in the principles of ConnectTherapy™. Some have travelled as far afield as Canada and Australia to receive specialist training with LJ herself, and bring her ground-breaking approach back to the entire team at Vanbrugh Physio, and ultimately to you.

It all starts with understanding you

Our approach starts with listening to what’s going on for you. Not just the pain you’re experiencing, but how that’s impacting your life. What it’s stopping you from doing. And how that’s making you feel.

We talk about your goals for recovery. What you want to be able to do. What’s important to you. What success looks like and how you want to feel.

We look at understanding what’s going on in your body. How you’re moving. Connecting things that have happened in the past to how your body is moving & functioning today. And, ultimately, the root cause of the problem that’s triggering pain. It’s by taking the time to get this deep level of understanding that we can truly serve you better.

Your treatment plan will be as unique as you are

Nothing about what we do is a one-size-fits-all solution.

Your treatment plan will be fully individualised, with your specific needs in mind. Your exercise program will be created to fit your lifestyle and levels of activity.

Everything we do is about listening, understanding and helping you find a long term solution to your problem, so you can live life on your terms.

5 Things Your Physio Should Do At Your First Appointment

We pride ourselves on being different from other physio clinics & getting results that other physios fail to get.

Even our initial consultations are not 'the norm' - so we've put this free resource together to explain what will happen at your first appointment & how you can arrive prepared to get the most out of it.

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