Millie Jones

Clinical Pilates Instructor

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Musical Theatre & Dance, Millennium Performing Arts School 2016

Polestar Pilates Comprehensive Equipment Course, London 2019

Specialist Skills:

Equipment Pilates

Improving movement patterns and body awareness

Favourite Things to Treat:

I love working with a mixture of clients, especially those who are goal-specific. Whether it be with clients post injury or people who just generally want to move and feel better!

I have a passion for educating clients about their body and trying to work together to find out the why’s and how’s. Every client is different, and I believe working with the individual, tailoring my sessions to the specific client’s needs. I believe in helping people understand their bodies, encouraging functional movement within our sessions that will reflect in their everyday lives.

“Having begun one-to-one classes with Millie in order to rehab an injury, the scope of our sessions has widened gradually to include all aspects of strength, stability and movement. Millie is a diligent and considerate teacher who can, at the same time, encourage and challenge you to progress within the specific conditions of your body. In a few short months, I have noticed significant improvements in my posture, alignment and – more fundamentally – my whole approach to movement. As importantly, I have found huge enjoyment in learning from Mille’s extensive physiological knowledge base and getting to know her personally. I cannot recommend Millie highly enough.”
Lucy, London


Hey, my name is Millie and I am one of the Clinical Pilates Instructors here at Vanbrugh Physio. I am originally from Chester but moved to London in 2013 to pursue a career in Musical Theatre and Dance. I trained at Millennium Performing Arts, graduating in 2016 and went on to work professionally as a performer and choreographer. It was in between performing jobs that I stumbled across the opportunity to work for a Pilates studio in London. Coincidentally, the studio turned out to be run by one of the leading Pilates training courses in the world.

Having thought I knew what Pilates was all about, back from my dance college days, I wasn’t overly interested. It wasn’t until I started participating in classes at the studio that I had a true “a-ha!” moment with Pilates. My relationship with movement changed, and for the first time I discovered what it was to truly understand my body and how it felt to move efficiently with ease and joy. I knew from then on, I would always include this practice as part of my lifestyle, no matter what other fitness phase I was going through, Pilates is the glue that holds it all together! I went on to do the full comprehensive equipment training course with Polestar in 2019, and since fully qualified, am working in an array of environments. I have also recently been asked to help the Polestar Teaching team, which involves me demonstrating and guiding students along their own journey to becoming an instructor.

An interesting fact about you no one would know (until now):
I am a huge lover of cats (some of the repertoire we do today Joseph Pilates originally took inspiration from analysing the movement of cats) and I am a cat mum to two beautiful Siamese- Cross twin brothers!
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