Lottie Hunt

Mat Pilates Instructor

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Level 3 Mat Pilates Instructor / Level 3 Personal Trainer

Specialist Skills:
Teaching beginners and giving clients confidence to give Pilates a go!
Favourite Things to Treat:
Lower Back Pain
Lottie’s Pilates classes are the best! She’s extremely clear with her instructions and makes everyone feel comfortable and at ease. Lottie takes everyone’s individual needs into consideration and applies different progressions to the class for everyone’s ability. Her classes are relaxed and she never pushes anyone beyond their capabilities. I highly recommend Lottie’s classes.

Carly, London


Hi, I’m Lottie. I came to Pilates after suffering a lower back injury in the gym, (herniated disc) in 2016. It affected me for three years, to the point of not being able to walk. I discovered Clinical Pilates and it became my key focus of rehabilitation combined with physiotherapy.
Pilates has literally changed my life, healing me both physically and mentally. It also led to me studying & qualify as a Mat Pilates Level 3 instructor. I’m currently continuing further study with BASI, an internationally recognised school of Pilates, where I am studying the Comprehensive Equipment training course. This will allow me to teach the Reformer and all of the fantastic Pilates equipment.
My goal for my clients is for them to live pain free and feel strong, understanding how their body moves and works. In doing so I want to help protect their future selves from pain and to relieve the body from the common gripes of human habits such as desk work, sitting/standing for long periods. My aim is to encourage people of all abilities and ages to start Pilates and get to know their own bodies whilst strengthening and mobilising their spines. My intention is for attendees to leave feeling stretched, stronger and longer. Pilates is NOT about how you look, it’s about how it makes you feel!
An interesting fact about you no one would know (until now):
I have degree in Contemporary Art and love painting in oils!
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