Laurent Liotardo

Clinical Pilates Instructor

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Polestar Pilates Comprehensive Equipment Course.

Specialist Skills:

Equipment Pilates

Sports and Movement Analysis

Favourite Things to Treat:
I love working with a wide variety of patients including post-surgical, fitness clients and athletes. I love working especially on back related pain and pathologies. I’m also passionate about body biomechanics; making everyday movement as efficient as possible so people can experience positive movement in their everyday life.
Laurent helped me return to shape as a professional ballerina after I gave birth. I became physically and mentally stronger with each session, thanks to his knowledge, patience, and teaching skills. I felt his dance background gave him the ability to know what to work on with precision, with every exercise explained with clarity and understanding.
I wholeheartedly recommend Laurent.
Senri, London


Hi, my names is Laurent, and I’m French and grew up in the city or Marseille. I discovered Pilates more than 20 years ago as I started my journey and my career as a professional ballet dancer. I danced with the Paris Opera, Bordeaux Opera and the Ballet National de Marseille before moving to London in 2003 where I joined the English National Ballet.

I quickly discovered how much Pilates has to offer. It was a great tool, helping me back from injury but also simply making my body feel better. I like that sense of great connection between mind and body and that meditative quality you can bring to a session. I am passionate about movement. In 2018 I trained with Polestar UK to complete my Comprehensive Pilates Equipment Course, gaining full accreditation in 2020. This really helped me deepen my understanding of body mechanics and how to help people move better.

I love how adaptable pilates is. Whatever your age, whether you need rehab after surgery, want to become a better athlete or anything in between, I love to tailor a program to suit my client’s needs.

In my spare time I love running, following my football team Marseille and I am passionate about cooking and eating great food.

An interesting fact about you no one would know (until now):
I am also a photographer and filmmaker.
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