Katy Martin

Sports Massage Therapist

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Sports Massage ITEC Level 3

STOTT Pilates Matwork Instructor

London School of Osteopathy – final year

Sports Therapy Organisation
Specialist Skills:

Sports Massage

Pregnancy Massage

I have been coming to the Vanbrugh Physio Clinic for many years for a degenerative disc condition in my back. Katy in particular has made a great difference over the last 15 months. Both the pain and discomfort are much reduced to the point where I am now able to work out with a personal trainer in the gym three times a week. I’m improving the strength and power in my core and the fact that I can run again on the treadmill and use the rowing machine is a minor miracle – something I thought I would never be able to do again. I now feel like I have a whole body again and not a missing mid section and can now lead an active life once again. Once again a big thankyou to the Vanbrugh Physio Practice
George, Greenwich


Hi, I’m Katy and I joined the Vanbrugh Team in 2017. As I started to learn in depth about the benefits of manual therapy in my Osteopathy training, I wished to enhance my skills working with the soft tissues of the body. I previously worked as a contemporary dancer and had always found massage not only relaxing, but essential in injury prevention and aiding physical endurance and performance.

As a Sports Massage Therapist, I am keen to enhance movement through the body using a variety of techniques tailored to an individual’s needs including effleurage, petrissage, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, tapotement, active release, general stretches and MET’s. These techniques benefit the body by improving circulation of the blood and lymph, as well as improving tissue health through breaking down adhesions and welcoming balance to the body.

I am also trained in Pregnancy Massage which I’ve found to be an amazing way for a woman to relax and relieve some of the many aches and pains once in the second and third trimester of their pregnancy. This type of massage not only improves circulation and fluid drainage but can have a relaxing effect on mother and baby.

I’m currently in my final year at The London School of Osteopathy and am thoroughly enjoying my studies and deepening my understanding of the human body. Working with the team at Vanbrugh has really enhanced my learning.

Outside of work and study, I ride my bike everywhere; enjoying being outdoors and seeing the city in this way. I also practise yoga and pilates. On holiday you’ll find me trying my hand at surfing, which is always a good giggle.

An interesting fact about you no one would know (until now):
I have appeared on Blue Peter twice when I was younger but actually have 3 badges!
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