Josh Trevorrow

Personal Trainer

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CHEK Integrated Movement Science Coach Level 2

Holistic Health & Performance Coach For Women (CHEK)

MNU Nutritionist

Level 3 Personal Trainer



CHEK Academy

Specialist Skills:

Strength & Conditioning

Fat Loss

Core Conditioning

Female ‘Functional’ Training

Breathwork & Meditation Techniques

Corporate Talks/Events

Favourite Things to Treat:

Core Conditioning


Advanced Movement Modalities


Good day all, I’m Josh and I started with the team at Vanbrugh in early 2021.

My childhood involved competing at a high level in athletics, specifically 100M, 200M and long jump. Competing in every sport I could, sport and exercise has been my love and passion since a very young age.

Growing up in Cornwall, you are pretty much thrown into a very active lifestyle (if you choose to do so) so I was gratefully subjected to ocean sports by my parents from a young age. Surfing became my love for many years, travelling overseas in my late teens/early twenties trying to test my limits and push the envelope in yet another sport. A young Cornish man with a hunger for competition.

Forward 6/7 years, I’ve been Personal Training for the past four years based in in central London and also work with a CBT therapist delivering 1-1 and group coaching. I’m grateful to be able to train CEOs, lawyers, executives, fashion designers and entrepreneurs, which has allowed me to learn what health and happiness is from many walks of life. I take a holistic approach with myself and my clients, focusing on the four main pillars of health: Movement, Nutrition, Mind and Restoration. This way, we’re achieving both physical and mental fitness whilst supporting the body in a whole system approach.

I hope my Cornish energy has come off in this bio and if you’ve read this far, thank you and I look forward to meeting you and helping you on your next step.

An interesting fact about you no one would know (until now):
When travelling Australia, I was asked to be Alicia Keys private waiter for an evening. It must have been the long hair.
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