Josh Sainsbury

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist

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Bachelor in Physiotherapy, Otago 2011

Certificate of Manual Therapy

NZMPA postgraduate diploma in Manual Therapy


Health & Care Professions Council

Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

Specialist Skills:

Dry Needling in Pain Management

Manual Therapy

The Shoulder (Steps to Success)

The Adult Hip and Groin

ConnectTherapy™ & Thoracic Ring Approach™

Favourite Things to Treat:

Hips and groin pain shoulders

Chronic tendon injuries

Running and sport injuries

Vanbrugh physio have helped me so much. I do a lot of sports and at one point I realised that nearly every week my knee would hurt and I didn’t know what was causing it. So, we went to Vanbrugh Physio where my Mum has been going for many years. Josh provided exceptional care for me, helping me to understand the problem, relieve the pain, get my knee stronger and in the end avoided me having surgery on it. He was always there to answer all our questions and had an amazing set of skills – he was able to offer deep tissue massage and acupuncture which really helped. Now, thanks to his help, I am able to do all the sports I love doing again and it has been months since I have felt any pain!
Megan, Greenwich


Hi I’m Josh and like many, I played a lot of sports when I was younger – apparently too much at times as I managed to keep hurting myself. This was my first insight to Physio. I always remember thinking ‘this is great!’ Helping people get back to sports, being able to rehabilitate people, get to know them and even make them better at what they do, all for a job? It sounded perfect. I also happen to have an Auntie who is a shoulder specialist Physio in Wales and a brother that runs a clinic in New Zealand too, all of which drove me to choose it as my career. I’ve always believed I was one of the lucky ones whose first attempt at a job happened to be their perfect fit! I never looked back.

Communication and understanding the patient are really key attributes to giving the best you can. Listening to the patient’s true problems and explaining the underlying issue once diagnosed are the most important factors in this. I’ve learned to never assume to know someone’s goals just because they had the same type of knee pain as the last person you saw. Helping the patient to understand the reason as to why they are having pain or limited function is paramount to get the best outcome for everyone. If communication is poor then the relationship will never work between the patient and therapist

When I’m not at work, you’ll find me at the gym (we should practice what we preach, right?), but other than that I enjoy playing 5-a-side football each week and watching the real thing whenever it’s on. Whenever I get enough time away from helping my patients achieve their goals, I love to travel and socialise with friends in all the great pubs and bars of London!

An interesting fact about you no one would know (until now):
I once won a regional rock band competition in my teenage years.
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