Gregory Smith

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist

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Bachelor in Physiotherapy 2018

FIFA Diploma in Football Medicine


Health & Care Professions Council

Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

Specialist Skills:

Knee Rehabilitation

Favourite Things to Treat:

Sport Related Injuries

Lower Limb Injuries


After months of working from home and sitting in uncomfortable positions I developed severe pain in my neck and back. It then started radiating all the way from the neck to my shoulder and fingers. Greg is a very knowledgeable, friendly, supporting and motivating physiotherapist. After the initial appointment he recommended a series of exercises I could do at home. I had 10 sessions with Greg, who did some deep tissue massage to release knotted muscles, and that, combined with exercises resulted in a quick and noticeable recovery. I feel no pain now and I’m really happy with the progress I’ve made. I would definitely recommend Greg as a physiotherapist! Thank you Greg 🙂
Beata, Greenwich


Hi, I’m Greg. Having graduated from the University of Pretoria in South Africa I had the opportunity to spend a year working in some of the toughest and most demanding physio environments. The result was being exposed to infectious disease, car accident and gunshot wound recoveries as well as treating sports injuries. This all reaffirmed my belief that I could help to improve the quality of life for people who otherwise may struggle physically on an ongoing basis.

From the age of thirteen I knew the direction my career would take. Whether captaining the first rugby team, opening the fast bowling in the first innings or swinging my driver through amazing golf courses, it all set me on the path that led to where I am today.

Having joined the Vanbrugh Physiotherapy Clinic, I was immediately taken by the professionalism shown by the team and the willingness to make such a positive impact in the lives of our patients.

I have a particular interest in how the discipline of physiotherapy has progressed and changed over the years with new understandings and evolving treatment techniques that provide more specific outcomes for patients. My relationships with my patients are, open with communication being as important as the treatment itself. It is after all, always a journey that we take together.

When not busy at the clinic, I enjoy time in the gym, ensuring that the tread on my running shoes is appropriately punished and happily absorbing the busy and bustling London city life with my wife.

An interesting fact about you no one would know (until now):
I dislocated my knee three times in one rugby season. After much focused work it remains as strong as ever.
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