Nick Charlish
24 March , 2020

At Vanbrugh we are committed to helping each individual achieve their physical and health goals, and during these difficult times, this is no different.

We are currently facing an unprecedented situation and with a rise in home working plus social distancing, most of our daily routines have been turned upside down. The closure of gyms, commutes to and from work disappearing and social and sporting events being cancelled will all inevitably lead to the vast majority of us moving less on a daily basis. We all know this is detrimental to both our physical and mental health, but it can still be a challenging pitfall to negotiate. So, what can YOU do?

“Every situation, properly perceived, becomes an opportunity…” –

H Schucman

A few extra minutes stuck indoors gives us all the opportunity to reflect and ask ourselves what we might want to be better at, and how can we use this situation and the extra time we all have, to do something positive? Whilst training for a 100-mile cycle or getting fit for a walking holiday may not be on the cards we can still set ourselves physical, movement related goals. A keen runner could decide to focus on developing the strength and endurance of their calves, or a yogi may dedicate that extra 5 minutes a day to improving their single-leg balance for Vriksasana or Tree Pose.

Using the SMART goal template is a great way to plan your goal. It needs to be specific about what it is targeting, measurable, something you can achieve, relevant and have meaning to you and finally have a timeframe. Have a think about these when setting your own #stayathome goals.



As an example, my goal for the coming 3 weeks is to improve my ability to deep squat, getting my hips to my heels with good form and control. To measure my progress I shall record a video every 3 days. It is something I used to be able to do and therefore know I can do it again, and it is relevant to me as both a hockey player and cyclist, being able to have the range of motion is my legs will improve my performance in both sport.

In the true spirit of team work, we set the Physio Team to task during our lockdown to set themselves a challenge. Check out their challenges and their progress via our social media channels – join in! Make a comment! Share our progress!</p


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