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About Cookies

Like most websites, our website uses cookies. Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer or mobile phone when you browse websites. Using cookies, we may collect types of internet log and visitor browser information from you. We do this to help provide you with a seamless experience in the use of our website.

Our website cookies do not track any personally identifiable information and are completely anonymous.

Website cookies assist us in these key ways:

  • ensuring our website works correctly,
  • to log some settings from visits to understand how our website is being used,
  • improve reliability, speed and security,
  • assist in making our marketing relevant and appropriate.

Our website cookies will not:

  • automatically collect any personally identifiable information or pass that information onto third parties,
  • Pass on data to external marketing / advertising agencies (without your prior consent).

We may use Google Analytics and similar external services to assist us in understanding the patterns of use of our website and its various pages and features. Anonymous cookies collected during your visit to our website inform these results.

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You can manage your cookies settings

You can set your web browser to not accept cookies, the above website has more information on how to do this. However, in some instances, not accepting cookies may impact your use of our website.

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